We have a dedicated team that are working everyday to make Miami a better place to skate.


Danny Fuenzalida, Founder

Danny Fuenzalida is a pro skateboarder who has dedicated his life  to pushing the limits of skateboarding forward. Danny has been promoting skateboarding in Miami for over 10 years and he is one of leaders of the local skateboard community. As and advocate for skateboarding education and mentorship, Danny created Skate Free to teach skating to underprivileged kids and give the skaters of Miami,FL a place they can call their own.

Nick Katz, Co-Founder


Nick is skateboarder and artist with a BFA from New World School of the Arts. Nick was the creator of the Grand Central Skate Spot project in downtown Miami and is one of the leaders of the DIY skatepark movement in Miami,FL.  Nick is an advocate for redeveloping underserved areas in Miami and he is the owner of Andrew Skate Shop in downtown Miami.

Richie Effs, President

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Richie Effs is the Owner of the Miami staple "Morgan's Resturaunt" in Midtown Miami and a active member of the downtown community. Richie got involved with skateboarding when his five year old son became infatuated with the sport and began getting lessons from Founder Danny Fuenzalida. Richie has over 25 years of business experience and is active Miami children's charities.