All photography provided by Matt Roy

Since 2012, we have led the effort to build and manage free public skateparks and programs in the Miami,FL community.


Our Mission

SkateFree is a children's organization committed to promoting the sport of skateboarding to the youth community as a safe and healthy form of physical activity. We see skateboarding as an alternative sport for at-risk children from low-income environments and kids all over the city of Miami.  We are dedicated to sharing the positivity of skateboarding in the city of Miami and abroad. 

Our mission is to build safe and free skateboard facilities in underserved areas of our community that are centrally located and accessible from public transit.  

Skate Free is committed to helping young boys and girls gain confidence and life skills through skateboarding as well as offering them the facilities to build and grow.  We hope to offer skateboard classes, after-school care, skateboard retreats, youth outreach programs, tutoring, mentorship programs and even skateboard physical education. 

We will use our funds to support these programs as well as build world-class skateboard parks and provide equipment to low-income children who cannot afford their own. 

Skateboarding is as much of a sport as it is a lifestyle, and an art form.
— Tony Hawk, Skateboard Pioneer

What We've Achieved

  • Creators of Grand Central Skate Spot. Miami's First DIY Skate Park.
  • Winner of the 2014 Our Miami Public Space Challenge Hosted by The Miami Foundation.
  • Successfully secured site control of Miami Parking Authority's Lot 11 to be transformed into Miami's First Public Skate Park. 
  • Raised over $70,000 in support for our Lot 11 Skate Plaza Project.
  • Press in the Miami New Times for our efforts in creating new skateboard spaces.